ICYMI: My husband allows another man to make love to me, woman tells court

A five - year - marriage is on the brink of collapse as Mrs . Musilimat Olasuyi told an Igando Customary Court in Lagos that her husband , Oluwagbemiga, permitted another man to sleep with her in their matrimonial home.

The 48 - year - old trader told the court on Monday that the man made love to her in her matrimonial home with her husband ’s approval.
“It was not my fault .

“ I did not voluntarily submit myself but the man in question charmed me to make love to me with my husband ’ s agreement all because of his selfish ambition ,” she said.

The petitioner said that her husband threw her belongings out of her matrimonial home during her absence during which the money she kept (over N 800 , 000 ) kept inside her different boxes were stolen .

“I went to the hospital to take care of my daughter from my first marriage, who suffered from a gas explosion .

“There, I was told that my husband came with some boys to our matrimonial home to pack all my belongings outside .
“After some days ; I came home and I discovered that all my boxes and bags had been ransacked ; some were missing and my money was stolen.

“My jewellery valued at N 250 , 000 and the N 250 , 000 was given to me by my son- in - law to start the construction works on his landed property close to us were missing .

“Also, N 100 , 000 for my customer’s cassava (garri), N 250 ,000 being our mosque’s money kept in my custody and N 30 ,000 my trading money got missing. ’’
Musilimat submitted a written petition to the court seeking redress and judicial actions against her husband.
The estranged wife wanted to know if it was proper for her husband to throw her property out without an order from the court .

She also demanded to know if her husband would not be liable for the cost of her lost money and property .

The petitioner was also requesting the court to know if her husband should not pay for the inconvenience as she and the only child of the marriage are homeless.

She pleaded with the court to dissolve the union saying that she no longer loves her husband.

However, the petitioner ’s husband , Oluwagbemiga, accused his wife of infidelity.
“My wife does not have respect for her marriage vow , she makes love to her concubine on our matrimonial bed. ”

The 55 - year - old sand supplier also said that his wife was fetish.
“My wife is diabolical , she comes home with different charms and objects; she gave me a soap on nine consecutive times to bath with . ”

According to him , he had given his wife a three - month quit notice to vacate his house but she refused .

“I gave her a quit notice to leave my house; she told me to do my worse that she was going nowhere.

“So, I do not have any other option than to pack her things out from my house, ” he said.
The respondent consented to the dissolution of marriage, saying the love between the two of them had long faded .

Responding to Musilimat ’s petition, the court ’s president , Mr . Akin Akinniyi, said that it was wrong in a valid marriage for a husband to pack out his wife’s belongings from their matrimonial home .

“It is legally wrong for a man to throw out his wife’s property .
“The respondent should have requested for the return of the dowry he paid on the wife from the wife’s parents .

“Better still , he should have sought the dissolution of the marriage at the court of law before such an action could take place .

“The husband should have rented another apartment for the petitioner and the child since he does not want her again.
“He should have moved her belongings there for safe custody, before the petitioner ’s return .

“The husband will be responsible for any cost of missing valuables and the wife is entitled to compensation , ’’ he said.

Akinniyi urged the estranged couple to maintain peace and adjourned the case until April 26 for judgment .

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Not cruel if wife doesn’t open door for husband: Bombay High Court

A woman not opening the house door for her husband on his return from work or not cooking for him do not amount to cruelty, held the Bombay High Court turning down a divorce petition by a man.

A division bench of Justice S S Shinde and Justice S M Gavane, while rejecting the grounds for cruelty raised by the petitioner, said, “From the perusal of entire evidence placed on record, we are of the considered view that allegations made, are too vague and general. A decree of divorce on the ground of cruelty cannot be granted on the basis of general allegations, without mentioning the manner in which the wife has ill-treated.”

The couple who married in 2000 has been living separately since 2009. Earlier too, the husband had moved the petition seeking a divorce, but withdrew it later after a settlement was reached between them.

The man claimed that his wife is the only daughter in her family, and so her behaviour is “egoistic”. She never shared her salary with him and would regularly, quarrel and abuse him, he alleged. She also was in the habit of writing suicide notes.

Whenever the husband returned from work, she would not open the door or lock herself in the bedroom. Due to her behaviour the husband would have to starve on many occasions and even sleep outside the house.
It was also alleged that wife had left him because he objected to them having a test tube baby.

The woman denied all the allegations and countered the petition by saying that it was the husband who was ill-treating her and even had a child from an illicit relationship. The woman brought on record government records, to prove her claim.

The court after, going through the entire records and testimony of the witnesses examined by both side, held that the family court had rightly concluded that the conduct of the wife was not such that she had shown total disregard for the husband.

Accordingly, the petition challenging the family court order was rejected

My husband smells my underwear whenever I get home, woman tells court

An Ikorodu Customary Court in Lagos on Thursday dissolved a 30 -year- marriage over alleged promiscuity.

The court terminated the union after the petitioner , Mr . Gbeminiyi Adeyiga, 88 , had insisted that he would no longer condone the infidelity of his wife, Sekinat .

Adeyiga had pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage forthwith , citing his wife’ s unbridled promiscuity, lack of care and battery.

The President of the court , Mrs . Funmi Adeola, subsequently, declared that they would no longer be husband and wife as the marriage had broken down irretrievably.

“Henceforth, you are no longer to be called husband and wife as investigation revealed that the wife truly commits the offence alleged against her .

“Having tried to settle the differences amicably, there were reports from petitioner that the respondent refuses to heed to series of advice .

“You are hereby ordered to go your separate ways and the custody of the three children should be determined by each one of them as they are above 18 years of age.

“However, the children must be jointly groomed toward a better life as your separation should not affect their upbringing,” she ruled .

Adeyiga, who resides at No. 3 , Adeyiga Street , off Munirat Aleje Street , in Ikorodu had told the court that his wife was sleeping with different men .
“My wife does not take care of me any longer ; she does not give me good food and different men come to sleep with her in our home.

“She frustrates me , slaps me and she also wants to kill me . I don ’t want to die now , please separate us , ’’ he pleaded.
However , the 55 - year - old Sekinat , a trader, denied the allegations made by her husband .
She said that she still loved her husband and would want the marriage to continue .

“I beg the court to settle us . He has never caught me with a man . He always suspected every move to the extent that he smells my pants whenever I go out and come back .
“I want this court to settle this matter . I am not ready for divorce . ’’

However, a correspondent of the
News Agency of Nigeria at the court reports that the plea was too little too late as the court went ahead and terminated the relationship.

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Banker commits suicide over alleged husband infidelity

There was pandemonium at Iwhrekpokpor, Ughelli, Delta State, after a 32 - year - old banker and mother of two, identified only as Peace , committed suicide over her husband’ s alleged infidelity .

Community sources said the deceased , who worked with one of the new generation banks along Market Road, Ughelli, took an insecticide at her residence on Wednesday .

It was learnt that the couple had separated before their families reconciled them recently .
PUNCH Metro gathered that despite the reconciliation , her husband continued to stay away from home.
He was away when she allegedly committed suicide .
A close friend of the deceased , who spoke on condition of anonymity , said, “Her lifeless body was discovered in her apartment on Wednesday . She had been having issues with her husband . She took some drugs and an empty container of an insecticide, Sniper, was found near her corpse . ”

Although efforts to get confirmation from the state Public Relations Officer, Mr . Andrew Aniamaka , proved abortive , a police source in the area confirmed the incident.

He said “ She returned home from work and took some mixtures . We are still investigating the matter . ”

My wife is having affair with herbalist, mechanic tells court

A 50 - year - old mechanic, Gafau Shogaolu, on Friday begged an Iyana - Ipaja Customary Court , to dissolve his 25 - year - marriage to his wife, Maria, for alleged adulterous and fetish lifestyle .

Gafau , of No. 13 , Sijuade Street , Abesan , Ipaja, Lagos , told the court that his wife once left him for another man and came back 15 years after , pleading for a second chance.

“ My wife had a child for me before she left for another man , and came back 15 years after , begging me to take her back , which I did .
“I married another woman while she was away . When she came back , I got an apartment for her .
“I introduced her to the herbalist that took deliveries of the three children she gave birth to after she came back .
“Unknown to me , my wife went back and started having an affair with the herbalist,” he said.
Gafau told the court that he once caught his wife when she was about to enter the herbalist’ s car .
“After my younger brother told me about my wife’s infidelity, I decided to keep a close watch on her . I caught her when she was about to enter the herbalist’ s car .
“I reported the case at a police station and the herbalist was made to write an undertaken twice, never to call and have a secret affair with her again,” he said.

The petitioner further accused his wife of being fetish and failed in her responsibility to take care of the children.

“ My wife is fetish. There was a time I found a padlock tied with a red cloth in her wardrobe .

“One of our children also found a small gourd in her wardrobe and brought it to me . My life is no longer save, please separate us , ” he begged the court .

Maria, 44 , a businesswoman , denied being fetish and adulterous, but admitted that the herbalist asked her out .

“I am not having an affair with the herbalist, he only asked me out and I rejected his offer. I felt it was not necessary to inform my husband about the issue .

“I am not fetish. The small gourd is not mine . I asked Michael, my younger brother , who came to pay me a visit and he said he is the owner of the small gourd ,” Maria told the court .

The respondent , however , urged the court to save her marriage and reconcile her to her husband .

The President of the court , Mr . Adekunle Hassan , urged the husband to allow his wife to remain in his apartment until the case is disposed off.

Hassan urged the wife to ensure that there was peace in the house , adding she would be held responsible if anything happens to her husband .
He adjourned the petition until May 22 .

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My husband employed imam to sleep with me for three days –Wife

A divorce seeking wife has accused her husband of employing an Islamic preacher to have sex with her for money - making ritual purposes.

The woman , Musilimotu Olashuyi, 48 , claimed that she introduced her husband, Gbenga Olashuyi, 55 , to the unnamed Alfa because she used to frequent his mosque for prayers .
She said at some point , the Alfa noticed that Olashuyi’s business wasn ’t going well, a situation that made her to introduce the Alfa to him.

However , Musilimotu said, the Alfa ended up committing adultery with her , allegedly on the instruction of her husband .
She made the allegations at the Igando Customary Court in Lagos on Wednesday .

“It was with my husband ’ s consent that the Alfa slept with me for three days,’’ Musilimotu disclosed , while praying the court to dissolve the marriage.
She alleged that her husband had also conspired with the Alfa to use her for money ritual .

She narrated to the court , “Actually, my husband got to know the Alfa through me because I always go to his mosque to pray.
“When he told me that my husband ’s business was not moving fine , I brought him home to meet my husband.

“Before I knew what was happening, my husband had conspired with him to use me for money ritual . It was with my husband ’s consent that the Alfa slept with me for three days.

“After the incident , I started getting sick and getting emaciated and I told the people around me what happened, which led to the arrest of the Alfa ; but my husband ran away .
“ Gbenga resurfaced at the station after the Alfa brought a remedy to cure me . ”
Musilimotu alleged further that Gbenga had refused to repay a loan she collected on his behalf in which she stood as the guarantor.

She said that Gbenga packed out her belonging from his house last October and stole N 1 m belonging to her .
Musilimotu pleaded with the court to terminate the union, saying that she was no longer in love with Gbenga after four years of marriage.

But Gbenga told the court that it was Musilimotu who lured him to buy the coffin for the money ritual to turn their fortunes around .

“My wife and her concubine persuaded me to buy a coffin for money ritual and she brought the Alfa to the house ,” Gbenga said.
He added that the cleric had told him that God revealed to him that his business was collapsing and that he would make some rituals for him .

“I agreed to make the ritual because truly , my business was not moving well. Since that day, my wife has been coming home with the Alfa and with different objects and concoctions for me to drink and have my bath with .
“Later , Alfa asked me to bring N 800 ,000 to buy some items for another ritual . He also told me to buy a casket for money ritual , which I will put in a separate room where nobody will enter except me .

“My wife begged me to comply with Alfa ’s request , but I declined ,” Gbenga claimed .
The businessman accused his wife of infidelity, alleging that Alfa always made love to Musilimotu on their matrimonial bed.

He said he knew about the adulterous relationship when his wife had Alfa arrested and accused the cleric of using charms to rape her .

“The cleric told the police that he did not hypnotise my wife to rape her , saying that it was with her consent that he made love to her on those three occasions ,” Gbenga said.
Gbenga confessed that he packed Musilimotu’ s belongings out of his house.

He also pleaded with the court to dissolve the marriage, saying that he was no longer interested in the relationship.

The President of the court, Mr . Akin Akinniyi, however , advised the couple to maintain the peace while he adjourned the case until March 22 for judgment .

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My husband threatens me with charms, mother of six tells court

An Ado - Ekiti Customary Court on Tuesday dissolved the 21 - year marriage between one Bosede Sheidu and her husband, Lamidi.
Bosede , 39 , had filed for divorce alleging threat to her life and her husband’ s lack of care for his family.

She further stated that her husband was engaging in fetish practices and steals.
The petitioner, a kolanut seller who resides at No, 37 , Oke Orimi st. , Ado -Ekiti , told the court that the respondent never paid her dowry before they started co - habiting.
Bosede also told the court that the union of 21 years had produced six children.

The petitioner informed the court that while three of her children are all female and already married , the fourth child lives with a relation of the respondent in Kogi .

She also told the court that the respondent often threatened her with charms and usually stole her money .
Bosede pleaded with the court to grant her custody of their eight - year -old child , pledging to send him back to school .

She also urged the court to compel the respondent to provide a monthly upkeep allowance of N 5 , 000 for the child.
But Lamidi , a vulcanizer , and resident of 22 , Shelterview Estate , Ado- Ekiti , denied the allegations .

The respondent told the court that he took good care of the children before their mother brought them back to Ado- Ekiti .
“ Since I relocated to Ado- Ekiti , life had been very difficult ,” he said.

The respondent , however , vowed not to release the child to the petitioner, promising to send him to school.

” I won ’t allow my children to see her , anyone of them that leaves my house to visit their mother will not live with me again.
“I am a Christian ; I forgive people but I won ’t forgive her , she is free to go her separate way ,” he said.

The President of the court , Mr . Joseph Ogunsemi , after hearing from both parties, stated that the marriage had broken down irretrievably and consequently dissolved the marriage .
He awarded the custody of the last child to the respondent for proper upbringing and care .

Ogunsemi held that the respondent would be responsible for the upkeep and education of the last child and another one aged 10 years .

The court president , however ,
warned the respondent against restricting the petitioner’ s access to her children.

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Woman allegedly drowns inside church’s well, pastor arrested

A middle- aged woman identified as Mrs . Funke Ojo was found dead inside a well at the premises of a Cherubim and Seraphim church located at Ayedun Quarters in Akure, Ondo State, on Sunday.

Residents said no one could say what led to the incident.
A source who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity , narrated that the deceased left her mother ’s house for a programme in the church, but no one was aware of her arrival at the church or when she allegedly plunged into the well.

The source said, “On Saturday night, she complained to her mother that she had a slight malaria fever . She later told her mother that she wanted to go to the church. The mother asked her to take a rest, but she insisted on going to the church.
“Nobody knows how she got into the well. It was someone who wanted to draw water from the well this morning (Sunday ) that saw her body inside the well and raised the alarm . ”

It was gathered that some youths in the area evacuated the corpse from the well and took her away for burial.

Following the incident, the pastor of the church, Segun Oriade , was said to have been arrested by police for interrogation.

The Police Public Relations Officer in the state , Mr . Femi Joseph , confirmed the incident but said the Command was yet to know why and how the incident happened.

He confirmed the arrest of the pastor of the church, saying, “he will be helping us in our investigation . ”

He said, “ It happened early this morning (Sunday), the deceased was sick and her mother took her to the church for prayer and later she (the deceased ) went home and came back to the church late in the evening of Saturday.

“ But they found her body inside the well on Sunday morning. Nobody can say anything about it for now ; but we have commenced investigation into the matter . ”

Man machetes wife, kills self in Delta

A middle aged man has committed suicide after allegedly inflicting severe machete cut on his wife, Evang. Promise in Asaba, the Delta state capital.
Evang. Promise is now in critical condition at the intensive care unit of the Federal Medical Centre (FMC), Asaba.

Public Relations Officer of Delta State Police Command, DSP Andrew Aniamaka confirmed the incident identified the husband of the victim as Victor Lazarus.

Aniamaka said the couple was in a pool of blood following the arrival of the police at their home along Ibusa Road, Asaba.
He said the couple was rushed Federal Medical Centre (FMC) Asaba only for the man to give up the ghost afterwards.

An eyewitness who craved anonymity, said the incident occurred on Monday evening when Evang. Promise returned from a journey, and her husband descended on her with a sharp cutlass for reasons unknown
He said, “She returned from a journey that evening, little did she know that the husband had prepared to kill her. As soon as she entered their room, the man started cutting from her head.

Continuing, “Their son then alerted neighbours and then ran to the police who were on patrol to report the case, only for the police to arrive the scene to meet the man on the floor. He must have used the same machete to kill himself. His body has been deposited in the mortuary.”

She added, “What a world! This woman has been going through hell in her marriage. There are so many women enduring their marriages they can’t confide in anyone until something terrible happens to them. Please Evang. Promise needs attention, financially and otherwise at the moment to enable her take treatment and recover fast.”

Man catches wife with lover, risks 15-year jail term

A husband caught his wife cheating , and now he ’ s facing up to 15 years in jail .

Sean Donis’ s wife, Nancy Donis, 38 , said she was going to dinner . Donis stayed behind to watch their five -year- old son. When he couldn’ t find his iPad , he turned on the ‘ Find My iPhone app ’ to locate it.

The software showed the electronic device moving toward an unknown location; he had a hunch that his wife had taken it, and he decided to follow. He arrived at a house and opened the unlocked door. On the second floor , he found his wife in bed with her boss, Albert Lopez , 58 .

With his iPhone , he recorded two brief videos of them in bed . Donis later shared the videos with his wife’s relatives.

The New Jersey man got a letter last July informing him that a grand jury had indicted him on charges of felony burglary and unlawful surveillance for the April 2016 incident.

“I feel like it’ s unjust what they ’ re doing to me , ” said Donis, 37 . “It’ s like I’ m being punished twice. ”

He appeared in court in September , where he pleaded not guilty . His second appearance happened on Friday.

“I was in fear ,” Lopez testified of the moment when Donis caught him in bed with his wife. “I kept telling him, you need to get out of here, ” Lopez told the jury hearing Donis’ s felony burglary case .

Donis’ s wife worked for Lopez as the billing manager for his orthopedics practice .

Lopez said he was so desperate to get the enraged husband out of his home that he asked Donis “ if he wanted to die . ”
“Kill me . I don ’ t care ,” he said the desperate husband responded .

The incident left Lopez traumatised . “I couldn’ t go to sleep . I had repeated memories of what occurred . I started to go through the house and check all the doors and make sure they were locked,” he said.

Lopez also noted that Donis’ s wife said they were separated , and he thought Donis was out of the picture .

The husband’ s lawyer, Howard Greenberg, told jurors that the husband actually “deserves a medal,” not a prison sentence , for uncovering his wife’ s unfaithfulness without physically harming his rival.

“The defendant should be given a medal for the amount of restraint he showed when he entered that scene,” Greenberg told the jury .

However, despite the fact that Lopez slept with Donis’ s wife, prosecutor Nabeela Mcleod asserted that Lopez was a victim — a victim of Donis ’s breaking and entering his home and recording him and Donis ’s wife without their consent.

He now faces a possible maximum sentence of 15 years in prison .

My husband says I could only work when I’m 70 —Divorce-seeking wife

housewife seeking divorce has told the court that her husband , acting on the alleged order of a marabout , has prevented her from working.
She added that her husband was insistent that she could only work after she is 70 years old .
Narrating her ordeal in court , Kafayat Suara said her husband , Mutiu , persistently threatened her life .
“ My lord , life has not been the same with me since Mutiu came into my life due to his oppressive tendencies.
“The most frustrating of his oppressive tendencies was when he forced me to stop working.
“On that day, Mutiu took me to a marabout who said God revealed to him that I should not engage in any form of trade or occupation until I attain the age of 70 .
“Mutiu consequently took all my means of livelihood from me. As a result, the three big shops that I had before then became empty and I could no longer fend for myself , let alone take care of the children because Mutiu refused to be responsible for our upkeep .
“Again, my lord , he took me to the same marabout who told me to produce my photographs and I gave them to him. Till date , I cannot tell what the marabout did with my photographs.
“All I know is that things have continued to fall apart for me , and my mother has been responsible for my sustenance .
“In fact, Mutiu is fond of threatening to kill me if I ever venture into any trade with or without his knowledge . He specifically said he would kill me and thereafter commit suicide .
“I am tired ; please , separate us ,” Kafayat pleaded with the court .
Mutiu was , however , absent in court to defend himself against the allegations levelled against him , in spite of being served court summons on two occasions .

President of a Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan , Ademola Odunade, on Monday dissolved the five - year marriage between Kafayat and her husband, Mutiu , over “ threat to life ” and “oppression . ”
Odunade said the court was duty bound to put an end to any union that might eventually result in violence.

He awarded the custody of the two children of the union to Kafayat and directed Mutiu to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N 8 , 000 to her .

In addition , he ordered Mutiu to take up the responsibility of the children’s education and other welfare needs.

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Husband catches wife working as prostitute in club

An electrical technician in Nairobi, Kenya, found his wife of seven years working as a prostitute at a local nightclub while negotiating sex price with a man.

After confronting her and accusing her of being a prostitute , the couple engaged in a heated tirade of verbal abuse.

The management of the establishment threw them out on the street where the man attacked his wife, attracting a crowd of curious onlookers.

An eyewitness claimed that it was only until passers- by tried to intervene and separate the two that the man spoke out .

He defended his actions , explaining that the woman was his wife and he had caught her working as a prostitute .

Bouncers had thrown them out of the club and they continued fighting on the street, with the man expressing his disgust by physically attacking and calling her names .

The visibly angry man shouted to onlookers explaining to them why he was beating up his wife. As the name- calling went on , entertained onlookers laughed and cheered them on to fight .

The two were separated by members of the public after the fight and insults become too much .

The man is a freelance electrical technician and the couple had been having financial problems for a while. The woman was a housewife and the family solely relied on the man’ s salary , which wasn ’ t sufficient.

Recently she claimed to have got a job as a waiter and the work entailed working late hours during the night shift. Unknown to her husband, the ‘job ’ was actually prostitution .

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